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what we are...

what we are

The Creative Repertoire Initiative (CRI) is a collective of composers and conductors committed to creating adaptable music for ensembles in the coming academic year and beyond, due to the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic.


While CRI is not a clearinghouse, distributor, or publisher, we hope that the resources found on this page and on our Facebook group can be of use to other composers who wish to contribute to this much-needed and growing body of repertoire.

a think tank

We are exploring several kinds of compositional approaches to meet demand, including adaptable music scoring, music involving improvisation, music involving elements of chance, and music with electronics.

creators of adaptable music

We are actively engaged in creating adaptable music that will meet the needs of music students of all ability levels.


We endeavor to inspire, empower, guide, and amplify the voices of other composers who wish to move in concert with our goals by providing templates, sample scores and other important resources.

who we are

who we are...

connect with us

Our Facebook group is a place for composers to provide information about their music for adaptable band, and for band directors to learn about these works. It will also be a community landing spot that hosts conversations about ensemble needs, crowd-sources ideas and solutions, and introduces composers and conductors to each other. 

for questions or concerns, email

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